Pastor Walter O. Zach, the general overseer of this commission will be storming the city of Aba, Abia state for a 3 days crusade with the theme: BURDENS SHALL BE LIFTED AT CALVARY

Date: Friday 25th – Sunday 27th November, 2016

Time: 5pm each day.

Venue: OLD TIME FAITH MINISTRIES. 105 Faulks road by Ije avenue Aba, Abia state.

Come with all your friends, invite everyone and come believing.

For more information call +234-08038852643


Read some of the testimonies of God’s great awesomeness in our meetings below




During the last 7 nights of possibilities held in April 2016, in one of nights the servant of God taught about household enemies and during the hot spiritual warfare prayers the Lord visited me. During the deliverance session, It was discovered that the household enemy took away my star and gave it to her daughters who were shining with it and traveling abroad every now and then simply because she felt I don’t deserve such a destiny. After everything, the servant of God recovered my star from whosoever was using it to shine while I was suffering and commanded me to go and shine. Before the 7 nights I have been looking for job but after that deliverance I got an international Job. Not only that, I just worked only this month being the month of May and I was confirmed as a Staff of the company which normally take up to 2-3 years before you can be confirmed as a staff but I got mine in just a month. It’s a sign that I have recovered my star. Praise the Lord.



On 23rd of October, 2016 at Old Time Faith Ministries Headquarters Port Harcourt a woman of God and her husband came all the way from Onitsha for thanksgiving over what God did for them through the man of God. She held the crowd of worshippers bewildered with her living and verifiable testimonies.

She started by narrating how God used the man of God (Pastor Walter O. Zach) to destroy the power of the former husband who wanted her dead for giving her life to Jesus and quitting the marriage. She told the crowd of worshippers that she was the seventh (7th) wife and after hearing the gospel, she made restitution and went back to her father’s house where provided her real husband.

According to her what brought her to Port Harcourt for thanksgiving was that some months ago, a sickness came upon her which took her to notable hospitals in Onitsha in Anambra State all to no avail. When they didn’t know what else to do, she called the man of God and he told her to come. Her coming coincided with our usual Friday school of deliverance. When the man of God saw her and her assistant, it was too bad. They were told to come back in the evening and join us in the evening fellowship. While the prayer was going on after the teaching, as she closed her eyes, she saw fire that entered a tall security house near water and started burning. What she noticed physically was that she started sweating. She had been wearing three different dresses at the same time because of cold; at the end of the service she became well. When she was coming to Port Harcourt she vowed to God if you will set me free from this bondage, I will give you fifty thousand Naira (#50,000). When she discovered that every sickness had gone, she called the man of God who sent her account number and she paid her vow.

But she promised that she would want to come to Port Harcourt and tell the whole world what the Lord had done for her. It was a jubilation moment; the crowd of worshippers was coming to the altar to give thanks to God for his mighty acts. Praise the Lord.


A little girl from Akwa Ibom State whose family members have been burying a lot of young ones shared her testimony on 20th October 2016. According to her nobody knew the source of the series of premature death in the family. According to her, after the man of God spoke on REMOVE NOT THE ANCIENT LANDMARK, and after praying for the crowd of worshippers, she got home and God opened her eye and s personality was telling her that where her father built his house and they were there did not belong to them. Because of this revelation, she travelled home and asked the father and the father said that the land was his. She came back and the revelation continued. She went again but this time decided to go to a ninety eight years old man (98) and asked him if where they were living belonged to the father. The old man said that she was too little and besides she is a was a woman, rather she should call her father.

When the father came, the old man told him that the land belonged to his late relation who had lots of properties but had no child. Before he died, he buried a charm on the land and placed a curse on that land that whosoever that would not contribute to his burial and entered any of his properties would be dying premature death. So after the burial which the father of the sister did not contribute anything, as other people were scrambling over his properties, the father of this girl took the land and built his house.

After the old man have spoken, the father of this girl asked what he would do so that the premature death would stop, he said you must buy the land from me since I buried him single handedly of which the man paid five thousand Naira (#5,000) and that was how premature death seized. God is a revealer of secrets. In this meeting he will visit you in Jesus name.


On Thursday 27th October, a couple who happened to be our members was in the church and the husband was lying down with his stomach crying. When asked the problem he said, he ate in the dream, saw a casket in his father’s house and after that, this terrible stomach started. They had gone to hospital and conducted many tests and in all the results nothing was found. After the man of God prayed, this was his text message “Daddy God bless you and your family. God heard your prayers and healed me. IT WAS LIKE A FILM. To God be the glory”.

The next day being 27th of October 2016, the young Police officer came to church with his young wife to appreciate the man of God with ten thousand Naira (#10,000). When he remembered how his that his senior brother died after building a house in the village, now he had started building and death started knocking at the door. He was so grateful to God for delivering him from the spirit of death

Almighty God who did all these things through his servant will be in the crusade. BE THERE TO RECEIVE YOUR OWN MIRACLE S FOR ALL BURDENS SHALL BE LIFTED AT CALVARY


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